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A Playboy Team Game


Johnny Cannon is lost inside the Cinematic Multiverse! Armed with his Meta-camera, he is facing dinosaurs, roman armies, gangsters, zombies, whatever dangers imagination can produce. If Johnny manages to come back to his world, the experience would make him a better film director... right?

Playboy Team has created an Infinity Runner in which you will travel through different worlds based on popular film genres while facing waves of enemies. Click on your enemies before they reach you! If things turn ugly, pause the film using your Meta-camera, and attack! But beware, pausing too much will destroy the film, and then what would happen to you?

Enjoy the scenery, the music, the danger, and above everything else, don't spoil the ending!

Designed & developed by Playboy Team

Program - Aday González - adaymaster@gmail.com

Music – Jeremy Godoy Reyes - jeremy996@hotmil.com

Art - Jonatan Jiménez Karar - jonikarar@gmail.com

Art - Marcial Miño - marcialwmh@gmail.com


Freeze Frame!